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Choosing a Paint Palette for Your Home’s Interior

Step into a professionally staged home for sale and you’ll immediately be struck with a sense of both calm and order that are the hallmarks of model homes. So how do interior designers convey that instant sense of peace? Designers derive some of that sense of order by eliminating clutter, but removing all toys and useful items from a home that you’re living in is difficult. However, there are a few things you can do to match some of that tranquility without throwing away all of your belongings.

So, how can you translate that style and grace into your own home? One trick designers use is selecting an entire color palette for an interior rather than just choosing one color for the walls and stopping there. From the beginning of the design process, they know they’re working with several colors. Whether you plan to paint just one room or the entire interior of your home, a color palette gives you an array of colors to use throughout the process. Here are a few ways to assist you in choosing an entire palette for your residential house painting in Atlanta, GA.

Color Palette

Stick to 2-4 Colors

Don’t overdo it. You’re selecting more than one color, but there is a thing as too much in the quest for the perfect residential interior painting in Atlanta, GA. If you love color, choosing four colors will guarantee a colorful palette. If color scares you, select 2-4 muted colors. If you’re only painting one room right now, keep the color palette you select in mind for future projects. Over time, you can create a colorful, but stylish home using the palette you choose today.

Creating the Perfect Palette

Think about how you hope to feel when you walk into the room you’re thinking of painting. Different colors can evoke different emotions. While many interior experts recommend starting with a favorite color, another place to start is with the feelings you hope to create in the space. Here are a few crafted color palettes based on different emotions.

Calm and Serene

A sense of relaxation or serenity can be best accomplished using harmonious colors. Harmonious colors are next to each other on a color wheel. Choose muted shades next to one another on the color wheel to create a calming space.

Clean and Modern

If you want to convey a clean and polished look in your home, consider a monochromatic color palette. A monochromatic scheme uses different shades of the same color. So, you might pair a pale blue with a deeper gray-blue.

Painting the Walls

Bold and Lively

If you’re looking to create a vivid and inspiring space, consider a color palette that uses colors on opposite sides of the color wheel. This palette, for example, might include a rosy red and a sea foam green, as green and red are opposite one another on a color wheel. Complementary colors contrast with one another and can stand alone.

Regardless of which color scheme you choose, you still have a few more decisions to make in crafting your color palette. First, choose a white. Not all white paint colors are the same. They each have undertones. Look for a white that matches the permanent fixtures in your home. For example, find a white color that complements your kitchen cabinets or the natural wood trim throughout your home.

Finally, you’ll also want to pick a neutral. This could be a gray, a beige, or even another shade of white. If you’re only doing one room, you can skip this step, but if you’re doing the entire house, your neutral shade is a likely candidate to paint hallways or spaces that connect two or more rooms.