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Cool Boys Room Paint Ideas

Colorful And Brilliant Interiors

Room Paint Ideas: Designing a boy’s room is not a task for the faint of heart! It takes plenty of haggling, some smart compromises and a few creative ideas to reach a compromise that is agreeable to both the adults and the kids. Yet there are a few simple ways in which you can design and decorate a boy’s bedroom without going overboard on the budget. Paint not only enables you to alter the look of a room almost instantly, it does so in a cost-effective manner. As the popular adage goes, when in doubt, simply paint it!

But a beautiful color palette is not just about designing on a budget. It brings a child’s room to life while giving you the flexibility to change between styles and color schemes without too much hassle. While the theme of a boy’s room obviously determines the paint choices you make, you can always add an element of surprise with a splash of an exotic shade. These boy’s room paint ideas show you how to get the job done with flair…

Stripes of Sophistication

Using paint to decorate the kids’ room has plenty of advantages that go beyond the obvious. While the fabulous array of colors and the many hues help in creating a lovely, vibrant setting, the true charm of paint is showcased when you create a change in color scheme. While keeping the walls white and adding colorful decor is attractive, it will not be too long before your kids grow out of the current color phase! Instead, use paint to usher in the color of the season, and you can switch over to a different shade at any time in the future with little fuss.

‘Stripes’ is the hottest paint trend of the season for boys’ bedrooms. A simple accent wall in a striped pattern adds refined elegance and trendy sophistication to the room. Most of these striped patterns work well for kids across various age groups and look ultra-cool even in hip teen rooms.

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