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Interior Painting

Welcome to Jose’s Painting and Remodeling, specializing in custom interior painting jobs for residential and commercial properties. Unlike other interior painting contractors, we don’t just apply paint and call it a day. We do the best painting work in Atlanta and Marietta, GA, because we perform careful preparation, offer expert design advice based on the latest paint industry and home design trends, and prime or re-apply coats as necessary for the best possible results. When you work with Jose’s Painting, you also get the expertise of a full-service remodeling company, dedicated to doing all we can to improve homes and businesses in the area.

We never pressure you to remodel, but our painting crew can help you make the best paint or stain choices based on your interiors and practical factors like sunlight exposure or living with small children. In addition to helping you select the best paint colors, we also recommend superior brands, finishes, tint, and more,

Contact us today to see for yourself why we’re the best home interior painting service around. Nobody cares for painting clients like Jose’s Painting does because we consistently go the extra mile.

Prep Work That Counts

The difference between a sloppy, amateurish paint job and a stunning result often comes down to doing the appropriate prep work. Cleaning surfaces and repairing cracks or holes is almost as important as the paint color that you select for your interiors. Jose’s Painting crews always prep surfaces and apply the appropriate type and amount of primer for all types of surfaces.

Design Expertise

Do you want to take inspiration from the latest design trends? Consider professional home inspiration before you make a color selection. Trends aren’t temporary style choices that are sure to expire. Style trends are based on the latest design concepts from this year’s best architects, artists, furniture designers, interior decorators, and paint companies. Jose’s Painting design experts can help you come up with an impressive interior design scheme centered around unique and stylish paint colors.

Our team can even help you choose the best paint colors for your style tastes, personality, and the intended tone of the room. There are many factors that go into choosing the best paint color for your every room of your home. We have the expertise to simplify this selection process.

Our Team

Jose’s Painting & Remodeling is a fully licensed and insured company that is locally owned and operated. All of our employees are fully insured and are experienced in the art and technique that goes into every paint job. We only send you the best so that you get the best results every single time.

If you’re ready to dramatically change and improve every room of your home or business, contact us today! We’re ready to help make your design dreams come to life. We work to make sure you get quality interior painting at a cost that’s fair and reasonable. If you’re curious about our pricing or are ready to get an interior painting quote, click the “Free Estimate” button on this page. Or, you can call us for any questions you have about our company or your project. We look forward to serving you.

Choosing a Paint Palette for Your Home’s Interior

Step into a professionally staged home for sale and you’ll immediately be struck with a sense of both calm and order that are the hallmarks of model homes. So how do interior designers convey that instant sense of peace? Designers derive some of that sense of order by eliminating clutter, but removing all toys and useful items from a home that you’re living in is difficult. However, there are a few things you can do to match some of that tranquility without throwing away all of your belongings.

Marietta house painting

Marietta house painting

Jose’s Marietta painting, GA, is the area’s most trusted team when it comes to interior painting and exterior painting. With over a decade of experience in the Atlanta area and based in Marietta, GA, the dedicated staff at Jose’s Painting provides clients with products and services that meet each one of your needs. We work with trusted suppliers to ensure that you receive the highest quality result and we stand by our work with a five-year guarantee. Our painting services in Marietta include the following:

Our Professionally trained Color Consultant will meet with you in the comfort of your home to help you choose the perfect colors.